If you can't do things your way on your own wedding day, then when can you?


If you work with a celebrant to create, write and deliver your wedding ceremony, there are no limits. Because a celebrant wedding isn’t legally binding, we don’t have to follow the same strict rules that registrars are bound by. At a celebrant wedding, only you can make the rules. 

You can write your own vows or we can work on them together. The ceremony can last three minutes or two hours. You can keep religion right out of it or you can bring in any idea from any faith tradition that speaks to you. We can find ways to involve whoever is most important to you and you can play whatever music you like, read whatever poems you like and make the promises you want to make.

Whatever you want, you can have it. You want to get married up a mountain, or on horseback or under the stars at midnight? Or all of the above? Let's do it!

More than just a ceremony…


The ceremony is the heart of your wedding day. It's the promises you make - whether they're in front of a hundred witnesses or just the one person they're meant for - that make a wedding more than just a party.

If you work with a skilled and creative celebrant, you can plan a ceremony that sets the tone for your whole wedding day. Bring your guests with you on a personal journey - whether it’s giggly and lighthearted or emotional and spellbinding - and all of those wedding planning tensions and stresses will just melt away.

You’ll feel more comfortable and relaxed than you could have imagined was possible and your guests (even the ones who you’re starting to wish you’d never invited) will be so caught up in it all that they’ll spend the rest of the day supercharged by the power of love!


The power of a promise


The words you speak to each other on your wedding day will go with you both for the rest of your lives. You'll wear those vows deep under your skin. And there will be days to come when those words return to you - a quiet voice that whispers in your ear and shows you a path you can tread together.  

Don't promise something that doesn't feel quite right. Don't swear you'll do something you're not quite sure about. You can include any vows you want in your celebrant ceremony. I can write them just for you or have you thought of writing your own?

It will mean the world to your partner if you write personal wedding vows to express your love in your own way by. Please don’t be put off for one moment by doubts about whether you’ll be any good at it. If your emotion is real, your vows will be too. I can support you every step of the way. I offer tailored vow-writing workshops for my couples - either for the two of you together or separately if you’d like to keep your vows a secret. Or I can offer email support and work with you to fine tune your first draft - or maybe just to reassure you that no fine tuning is required! 


A symbol of your love

A wedding ceremony isn't just about words. The holding of hands, the exchanging of rings, the giving of gifts and flowers - there's a reason why your photographer keeps zooming in on these little moments of theatre. Weddings are one of the few parts of modern life where meaning is still bound up in ritual.


If you want to enrich your ceremony with symbolic acts, we can weave in old traditions like hand-fasting, sand ceremonies or unity candles. You can even create your own. Once you start researching wedding rituals and traditions you'll see how many ideas are out there. The most important thing is to include whatever feels right to you - and absolutely nothing that doesn't feel right!​


The only thing a celebrant can't do is the legal bit. In England only faith leaders or registrars can legally marry a couple. I can talk you through what you need to do get your legal marriage certificate; it's quick, in most areas it costs well under £100 and you can do it a day or two before your real wedding without any fuss, fancy clothes or even an exchange of rings. Get the legal admin out of the way first and then you'll be free to make your real wedding day whatever you want it to be.


2022 Wedding Prices

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