A spiritual prayer for a forest wedding

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

I was asked to write a spiritual prayer for a couple who were getting married in a forest. This is what I came up with. You're welcome to change the names and use it at your own wedding, but please do credit me as the author.

A Prayer for a Forest Wedding

by Charlotte Simpson


Beloved Spirit,

We know You by many different names.

You are the spark of creation,

You are the life in all that lives

And the beating heart in all who love.

Bless this forest temple

Where John and Sophie have

Bound themselves together today

And for eternity.

Bless this choir of birds

Who have honoured this wedding with song.

Bless every leaf - each one a witness -

Whose soft rustling in the breeze has whispered its assent.

And bless the union of John and Sophie

With the song of the forest.

Let them speak softly

And never with bitterness or spite.

Let them listen closely

And hear one another even when there are no words.

And when the harsh clatter of life

Threatens to shout down their love:

Let the soft breeze brush them,

Let the summer sun warm them,

Let the cool rain wash them,

And let the mighty ground beneath their feet,

Hold them, firm and steady,

As they hold on to one another.

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