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Updated: Apr 22, 2019

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I've been working with the truly wonderful Donna Wojtas who helps super power wedding businesses with her coaching company, Savvy Wedding Pro. She's encouraged me to articulate my business values. I've been trying to convey these values - through the way I work and the way I market my work - but it never crossed my mind that I could and should also just write them down! So here they are...


My business is based on an unshakable commitment to exceeding your expectations - bringing professionalism, attention to detail, enthusiasm and the highest of standards to every ceremony.


Without diversity there could be no marriages, no love affairs. My business is based on the conviction that every human characteristic that makes us unique - in body and soul - should be honoured, known and loved. Each one of my ceremonies is truly original - a unique event to reflect the distinctiveness of the people involved and their own inimitable stories; my ceremonies celebrate difference, quirkiness and individuality and they are welcoming, accessible and inclusive to every participant.


A business built around celebrating love must have love as a core value. I use ‘kindness’ here as a more active and wide-reaching description of love. In my business I work hard to be kind to everyone I encounter (including those who I might have an impact on without ever meeting); to the environment; to the community - both locally and

globally - and most especially to treat my couples and their families with kindness, empathy and compassion; I

seek to bring them joy, to make their lives easier, to listen to them intently and to treat those deepest of emotions with which they’ve entrusted me with the greatest of respect.

Without creativity a ceremony - even a carefully and thoughtfully written one - could be dreary, formulaic and heartless. For me, creativity means bringing surprise, innovation, playfulness or even silliness into a ceremony; it means finding inventive and appropriate ways to make

your wedding guests more than just passive observers. When I’m planning your wedding, it’ll keep ticking away in my head - when I’m doing the hovering, out for a run or dropping off to sleep. You tell me your challenges - your wish to include your stepdad in your ceremony without causing a row, your fear that you’ll dry up as you say your vows or your concern that your outdoor ceremony will go horribly wrong if it rains - and I’ll keep pondering and exploring the options until we come up with a solution that puts your worries to rest.


I believe in the power of a promise. I believe that if you pledge a vow with deep thought and sincerity, the very

action of having spoken that promise will empower you to keep it. For that reason I work hard to help my couples to explore and understand what they really want to say to each other and what they are and are not willing to commit to. My business helps to create honest weddings - and honest marriages. You, my clients, trust me with your deepest and most treasured emotions and I, in turn, treat everything you share with me with the utmost integrity and respect.

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