What's the difference between a registrar and a celebrant?

It's a confusing question. We kind of do the same thing but, as my five-year-old would say, we're not 'in the same family'. A registrar is usually employed by their local council. His or her key responsibility is to collect and maintain public records - primarily of births, deaths and marriages. Unlike a celebrant, a registrar can grant you an official marriage certificate and declare you legally married. A celebrant, on the other hand, is a very different animal. We create ceremonies. Our job is to build one-of-a-kind ceremonies and celebrations. Beautiful, personal, heartfelt, funny, wild, spontaneous... Whatever you want! For us, a ceremony is all about its personal and emotional meaning to the participants and their guests. When it comes to marriage, we understand the importance of legal unions, but we're here to give you another option: to do the legal bit quickly and simply at a register office as part of your wedding preparations so that your real wedding day is free to be whatever you want it to be. Do you want that magical moment where you exchange rings and pledge your undying love for each other to be part of a legal ceremony, following rules prescribed by law and led by a government official? Or do you want to do it your own way? With the help of someone whose mission in life is to find the most inspiring, exciting and perfectly 'you' way to express and celebrate your love? It's your choice. Do what feels right for you. We celebrants just want you to know that you have a choice. 😘

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