A ceremony to mark whatever's important to you...

Sometimes the tectonic plates beneath your feet shift. Your plans change; someone important comes into your life, or leaves it; or you finally achieve something you've been working towards for as long as you can remember.


It feels momentous. And yet the world carries on, going about its business, seeming neither to notice nor care that your life has changed beyond recognition. 

Ceremonies help us to process change and move on

All societies, no matter where they exist or what they believe, have developed ceremonies, rituals and traditions to mark life-changing events. Anthropologists and psychologists agree that ceremony is beneficial to humans.


A ceremony can help us to fully accept and process something that has happened. It provides an opportunity for us to consider how we feel about a change in our lives and how we intend to react to it. And it allows us to make promises and commitments for the future - either privately or in front of a supportive community. 

A unique ceremony to meet your needs

If your life has changed or is about to change and you want to mark or celebrate this - whatever the occasion - you can. It doesn't matter if the ceremony you have in mind doesn't have a name yet - we'll think of one!


Whether you want to mark the passing of a beloved pet, renew your wedding vows or begin the process of healing from a divorce, a serious illness or a traumatic miscarriage, I can help you to create a ceremony that does just what you need it to do. 

It can be as private or public as you like - just you and me in your back garden - or you can hire and fill the Albert Hall! Whatever you have in mind, just pop me an email or give me a call and let's talk.

Prices ​for bespoke ceremonies

Please ask me for a quote to write and deliver your bespoke ceremony.


Prices start at £200 - for a short and simple ceremony - and increase in proportion to the

amount of planning and writing time required to meet your needs.