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If you're building a team of first-class creatives to turn your wedding day vision into a reality, you can't leave your ceremony to chance...

It's the personal touches that will make your guests feel relaxed and welcome as soon as they arrive at your wedding. A warm smile at the door, a thoughtful offer of help, a member of staff who goes the extra mile to resolve a last-minute hitch - in short you need people you can rely on. 


Your ceremony sets the tone for your whole wedding day. It's often the point when all your friends and family first come together as one. And for those life-changing twenty or thirty minutes, the two of you - and every one of your guests - are in the hands of your officiant.


With the right person at the helm, you and your partner will feel the warmth, reassurance and support you need to relax into the moment - into your connection with each other. 

And your guests need that reassurance too. A wedding guest is often not quite sure what to expect. They desperately want everything to go well but they worry it might not. When they make a quick connection with your celebrant - most often with a moment of laughter - you'll feel the whole room relaxing, thinking: 'it's all fine; this will be good.'




Preparation is 90% of it. The more work that's going into your wedding as a whole, the more you need your celebrant to take a holistic approach. Your celebrant should ask a lot of questions - about the two of you, your love story, and your vision for your wedding day. And, if you've got a big creative team involved in planning your wedding, you need to trust your celebrant to collaborate with those people, to respect their expertise and professionalism and to communicate with them regularly - with the utmost clarity, courtesy and discretion.

"She has a tone that everyone warms to... as well as a manner that reassures you you are in safe hands."
Lisa - client from 2018
"Having a celebrant was a new one to us and we didn't know what to expect, but Charlotte made it both amusing and touching and captured the couple's quirks and endearing individualities perfectly."
Tony - guest from 2019
What will make your wedding ceremony special?

Only with a celebrant who is 100% prepared - who's taken the time to get to know the two of you, to understand your vision and to check and double check every single detail - can everybody relax. That's when the spontaneity kicks in. Because I know I've got everything covered and I've got plans B, C and D in place in case of last-minute changes; on your big day all I need to concentrate on is putting everyone at their ease - most importantly you and your partner and every one of your guests. 

Experience, discretion and reliability

My experience in prestigious and elite events extends back to 2004, when I began my award-winning, ten-year career at the BBC. Working mainly on Radio Four, I produced live broadcasts with high-profile presenters and contributors - always planning arrangements with precision and managing our relationships with influential and distinguished figures with the utmost professionalism. As a celebrant I've helped similarly eminent clients have beautiful ceremonies with the privacy they deserve. When you are my client, I'll move heaven and earth to ensure your experience of your wedding day - and your lifelong memories of it - are all you ever hoped for and more. 

Creative flair

While some clients come to me with a detailed vision of their ceremony; most do not. You know how you feel about each other. You know what excites and inspires you about your wedding day and what's causing you anxiety but if you've never planned a wedding before, you won't necessarily know what ceremony options are available to you. That's OK.


On our first consultation I won't bombard you with questions about how you want your ceremony to look and sound; we'll just talk about the two of you, the choices you've already made and how you want the ceremony to make you and your guests feel.


Based on our discussions, I'll go back to my Cheshire studio and start exploring ideas with a blank drawing board. Your ceremony will be tailored to you like a couture wedding dress.


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It can be traditional, simple and subtly personalised or it can be bold, distinctive and unlike any wedding you could have imagined. The sky's the limit. With an MA in English Literature from Cambridge University, a second MA in creative writing and professional experience in writing, theatre, radio and television and design; in my hands your wedding ceremony will be beautiful, entertaining and spellbinding. 

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