Funeral Planning and Living Funerals

If you know that you're nearing the end of your life, it's natural think about death and how you will say goodbye to the people you love. Many people find that planning their own funerals can be a positive and reassuring experience - giving you some control in a world of uncertainty.

If you would like to work with me to plan your own funeral ceremony, you have two different options: 

Funeral planning and writing service

If you have strong ideas about the music, readings and setting for your funeral ceremony, you can work with me to get everything planned and written down into your full funeral script.


Celebrant-led funerals are usually highly personalised and celebratory - focussing on the unique life story, achievements, quirks and qualities of the person who has died. Therefore, a big part of my funeral planning service is talking through your life story with you, gathering your stories and memories through conversations with you and, if appropriate, your friends and family.


Typically I'll write a detailed eulogy or life story as part of the funeral ceremony, and there's also space for relatives to add their own tributes. I'm always happy to work with any of your friends/family to help them to get their ideas down on paper. 

You'll see everything we write down in draft form and you'll have all the time you need to make any changes to what goes into the final script. When it's finished, I'll present you with your full funeral script as a life story book. When the time comes you can choose anyone you like to conduct your funeral ceremony. I'm always happy to conduct your ceremony at no extra charge, if your funeral venue is within 40 miles of my home in East Cheshire. If it's further afield, I would just charge travel expenses. 

My funeral writing service is independent of any prepaid funeral plans or planning services run by funeral directors or other funeral plan providers. My service focusses exclusively on the content and wording of your ceremony and does not deal in any way with other funeral services such as transport, crematorium fees or coffins. If you're using my services in addition to having a prepaid funeral plan in place, you may well find that your funeral plan includes a fee for a minister or celebrant. If that's the case and you would still like me to conduct your funeral, the celebrant's fee that comes directly to me from your funeral plan provider can be used to offset my travel expenses (if there are any), with the remaining balance going to a charity of your choice.

Living funerals

A living funeral is a goodbye ceremony - held at a venue of your choice (which could be indoors or outdoors in any kind of setting or at your own home or even your bedside in a hospital, care home or hospice) - which is held in your presence while you are still alive. 

Living funerals can take many different forms - ranging from a big celebratory gathering, with lots of friends and family in attendance and full of stories, music, laughter and food and drink - to something quieter that resembles a traditional funeral - right through to a very quiet, intimate goodbye ceremony. The key thing about a living funeral is that you will be there - whether as an active participant or a witness - and you'll be able to see and enjoy all the work that's gone into planning your send-off. 

If you'd like to see an example of a living funeral, this Channel Four programme - Rites of Passage - shows the artist Grayson Perry working with a family to create a unique goodbye ceremony. It gives you a really nice example of one kind of living funeral - although your own ceremony could be very different from this. As with all celebrant ceremonies, you are in charge of your living funeral and I, as your celebrant, will do everything in my power to help you to get exactly what you want. 



Funeral planning and writing service - £285


This price covers unlimited contact with you and your friends and family to plan your funeral ceremony, write your life story and edit the draft script until you are 100% happy with everything we have planned. You will receive five copies of your script, beautifully hand-bound as life story books (and can order additional copies for a small extra charge). When the time comes - and if I am available on your family's chosen date - I will conduct your funeral ceremony*.

Living funerals - £400


This price covers unlimited contact with you and your friends and family to design and plan a unique living funeral ceremony just for you - to reflect your personality and style. Together we'll plan the full script, including your life story and I'll continue to edit/re-write the draft script until you are 100% happy with everything we've written. 


You will receive five copies of your script, beautifully hand-bound as life story books (and can order additional copies for a small extra charge).

Typically families organise their own living funeral ceremonies and so I offer the practical support and advice ​you'll need to make sure your ceremony goes without a hitch - for example I can design and arrange printing of your order of service, liaise with your venue staff to make sure everything you've got planned is prepared for and, if necessary, I can provide a high quality PA system so that everyone's voices can be heard and we can include live or pre-recorded music in your ceremony.

My living funeral fee covers everything from the preparation of your ceremony, right through to officiating your ceremony at a time and date of your choosing. My whole service is highly flexible and designed to make things easy for you and respond to your changing needs and health. 



If you'd like to book my funeral planning/writing services, or just to have an informal chat about your options, please call me today on 07792 959586.