Baby naming ceremonies

Throughout history and across cultures, people have wanted ceremonies and rituals to mark the arrival of a new baby. And today, many parents are looking for ways to celebrate and reflect on the birth of their children that connect with their own beliefs and values. 

A ceremony that feels right to you

A lot of parents say something like: 'We sort of want a christening but we're not really religious.' But a Christian baptism is just one kind of naming ceremony. If that doesn't feel right for you, that doesn't mean you can't do something special to welcome your baby to the world. You can have a unique naming ceremony that does everything you want it to do and keeps you and your family at its heart.

If you want a chance to make public promises to your child, to invite trusted friends to pledge to help you or maybe you just want an opportunity to present your precious new baby to your community and shout out: 'Look what we made!', I can help you to create a ceremony that feels just right.

Wherever, whenever and however you want it

You can hold the ceremony wherever you like. It can be in your own home, at a venue like a hotel or village hall, or even somewhere fun and child centred, like a zoo or an adventure playground.


The ceremony can follow whatever structure you like and you borrow from other traditions if you want to; for example you can include the tradition of wetting the baby's head or the appointment of godparents. (Some non religious parents choose the term guideparents, guardians or even oddparents!)


Lots of parents select music, poems and readings and some also choose to weave a symbolic act - like planting a tree or presenting the child with a significant gift like a piece of jewellery - into the ceremony. You have complete freedom to decide what you want to include.

A personal service

If you would like me to work with you to create, write and deliver a baby naming ceremony, I'll visit you in your home - or meet you wherever's convenient for you - and we'll talk through your ideas and hopes for the ceremony. Whatever your family set-up, we can make it work. Some people choose to do naming ceremonies as part of a first birthday party - or to conduct a ceremony for several siblings at once, including for much older children. Whatever you want, we'll talk through the most fitting way to do it.

You're in charge

When you've told me just what you want, I'll go away and write up a draft and I'll send it through to you by email and await your comments. You can have as many tweaks and redrafts as you want. There's nothing I want more than for you to be absolutely delighted with the end result. 


After the ceremony, I'll present you with a commemorative baby naming certificate (not a legal document but it will be extremely pretty!) and a beautifully typeset presentation copy of your full ceremony script.

Ceremonies for older children


There are no rules to determine how, why and when you might want to mark a family milestone with a ceremony. If you've got an idea for a ceremony that you'd like to involve your children in, please just get in touch and we'll talk it through. Anything is possible. If your children are of an age where they'd like to be part of the planning and play a big part in the ceremony itself, that's great. I'd be delighted to work with them as well as you. A couple of ceremonies involving older children that are becoming increasingly popular are adoption ceremonies and blended family ceremonies.