Adoption Ceremonies

Many adoptive new parents just choose to have a baby naming ceremony like any other parents, but there may be circumstances, perhaps when you are adopting an older child, when it's not appropriate to call it a 'naming' and you want the adoption itself to be central to the ceremony. For example you may have been looking after a child for a long time as foster carers or legal guardians but now that a formal adoption has been agreed you want to celebrate making it official with a special ceremony.


Everyone's family circumstances are so unique that there's no set format for an adoption ceremony. The way we plan the event is to sit down as a group and talk through exactly how you envisage the day and the ceremony - or you might just describe to me how you're hoping the ceremony will make your family and and guests. We'll also involve your child/children as much as we can to plan something that everyone in the family can really participate in and enjoy in a way that is completely appropriate for their own personalities and needs. 


If you'd like to talk through options and ideas for a bespoke adoption ceremony, just give me a call for a free, informal consultation. 


My 2020/21 fee for an adoption ceremony anywhere in the North West of the UK is £350. 

If your venue is further afield, please ask for a quote for travel expenses. 


What's included? 


Unlimited contact with me

That's usually a mixture of face-to-face or Skype meetings, phone calls and emails. My lines of communication are always open, so I can get to know you and create a really unique ceremony that's just what you were hoping for. The contact continues once I've started writing your ceremony script: you'll see every draft and if you want to make any changes or you come up with a new idea, you can have as many rewrites as it takes.


  A truly unique ceremony - written just for you and your family

Your ceremony will be fully bespoke. Every ceremony I write is different - my style is really your style - but the added value I bring is that I am a real storyteller and I will make sure your ceremony is entertaining for adults and children and interactive - if that's what you want.

An exquisite record of your ceremony

When we work together to create your unique ceremony, we'll talk about what little keepsakes you'd like to help you remember your day. After the hard mental work of writing story-led ceremonies, it gives me great pleasure to hand-make beautiful stationery for all my families. You'll receive your whole ceremony script, hand-bound in a bespoke booklet and, if they're appropriate for your ceremony, I'll also make other keepsakes such as naming day, guardians' or adoption certificates (these are not legal documents - but rather beautiful, commemorative certificates that you can sign at your ceremony and frame afterwards).

Your celebrant there by your side on the day of your ceremony

On the day of your ceremony, I'll be there early to make sure everything is set up perfectly and every detail is double checked. If your venue doesn't provide a speaker system, I'll bring one. I'll welcome your guests, make sure everyone knows where they're meant to be and - when we're ready to go - I'll lead your service with warmth, confidence and professionalism.