About Me...

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If you ask me to write and conduct your ceremony - whether it's a wedding, a funeral or anything else - this truly won't be about me. It'll be all about you. 

I'm a writer and a storyteller but before I can tell your story, I will sit down with you and listen.

The more you tell me about what you want - not just your ideal ceremony but also everything that floats your boat (or gets your goat) - the more you'll set me off finding ideas to exceed your expectations of what a truly special and personal ceremony could be. 

It's all about listening. It's all about helping you to find the perfect words. 

But fair enough - you want to know my credentials too. I’ll try to keep this brief:

I studied English at Cambridge and spent a lot of time there directing and performing in student theatre. When I graduated, I lived in South America for a year or so, working with street children and setting up a youth theatre.


Then I came home, penniless, and became a teacher in a couple of London prisons (drama, English and maths, since you ask - and no I should never have been allowed to be a maths teacher...) 

I then began my first proper grown-up career - at the BBC.  I mainly worked for Radio Four but I did a bit of telly too - first as a researcher and then as a producer. During my ten years in broadcasting, I worked for BBC Religion and Ethics a lot, so I developed a broad knowledge of different UK faith communities. Religion doesn't play a big part in my life and I'm not a churchgoer but if you want a religiously literate ceremony that sensitively combines prayers or rituals from different faith traditions, I'm your woman!

In 2009 I married my soulmate, David.  Our honeymoon souvenir, Allegra, was born in 2010. After our second daughter, Stella, was born in 2013, I jumped ship from my comfortable life in broadcasting and began the search for a more fulfilling and creative path. I've never looked back. 


All I ever wanted to do was to tell stories and help people. That's what I do now. 


I live in beautiful Bollington, in Cheshire, with David, our two girls and our three cats. I love reading, being outdoors and anything creative. My first love was theatre and, although I haven't had a chance to be in a play for few years, I now run a drama club at my children's school. 


In my free time I love doing things with my hands. I paint, draw and make linocut prints, I make pots and sculptures from clay and I'm always trying to make pretty things - all sorts of trinkets and presents or things to wear or for the house. I only put the ones that work on Instagram. My art and illustration often finds its way into the unique hand-bound, hardback ceremony books I make for all my wedding clients. 

If you think I could help you create a beautiful, unique and truly personal ceremony - a once-in-a-lifetime event that tells your story and gives you warm and profound memories to sustain you in the years to come - please do get in touch. I'd love to meet you. 

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Member of the Fellowship of Independent Celebrants

I'm proud to have been trained by - and be a member of - the Fellowship of Independent Celebrants. FOIC is one of the UK's leading professional bodies for celebrants. Its training is accredited by the National Open Colleges Network (which is regulated by Ofqual). My membership of FOIC also provides me with full Public liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance.