An A-Z of Wedding Rituals

Almost all humans participate in rituals - even if we think we don’t. A ritual is any action that carries a bit of symbolism with it - an action that means more than its practical purpose, or even one that has no practical purpose at all. 


I made you a birthday cake to show you I love you.


I gave you some flowers because I’m sorry your guinea pig died.


A wedding ceremony itself is a ritual, containing various mini-rituals within it. Find the right actions to include in your ceremony and, just as we often remember a thoughtful birthday present more intensely than the words in the card, so you might find that these are the moments that come rushing back to you whenever you remember your wedding day.

Your photographer will also love it if you include creative rituals in your ceremony because these are the most photographable bits! In fact almost every item on your photographer's must-have wedding shots is of a ritual - from the first look and first kiss to exchange of rings, the confetti shot, the cutting the cake and the first dance. And its in these moments when your unique personalities and your relationship with each other most intensely reveal themselves.

There are so many traditions from around the world, new and old that you can adapt and incorporate into your wedding ceremony. Many of my couples end up having completely new rituals that we've invented just for them but, if you're new to celebrant weddings and you need a bit more inspiration to see how rituals can bring personality and creativity to your wedding ceremony, why not start by reading through my A-Z of Wedding Rituals and Traditions. 

If you can think of a brilliant wedding ritual I've missed out (particularly one that begins with X or Z!) please let me know!

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