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Funerals and Memorials

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Other Ceremonies

Marking the moments that matter

A great ceremony sets the tone for your wedding day, your party and your whole marriage.


For the wedding ceremony of your dreams, choose a wedding celebrant. My name is Charlotte and it would be my pleasure to work with you to create a truly personal wedding ceremony that is everything you want it to be and more. I specialise in outdoor weddings, themed weddings and storytelling*.


I'm based in Cheshire and I work across the North West and the whole of the UK. Whether you would like an intimate forest wedding with the breeze on your skin and birdsong in your ears, a wild and exuberant festival wedding or a meticulously crafted themed wedding - inspired by your favourite book, film or historical era; I will listen to your needs and ideas and then bring creativity, attention to detail and masses of enthusiasm to your wedding ceremony.


With nearly twenty years' experience in creative writing, public speaking and organising creative, live events to the very highest standards, your bespoke, meaningful wedding ceremony will be safe in my hands. 

*It is important to me to tell you (even though I'm sure you haven't noticed and really couldn't care less) that I've had to cram this paragraph with Google-friendly keywords and - what's worse - the search engine optimisation experts won't even let me punctuate it properly! 


I would like to reassure you that any ceremony I create for you will be properly punctuated and tailored to a human audience. Your ceremony will only sound like it was written for an audience of robots if you ask me to create a Dr Who themed wedding and all your guests have come dressed as Daleks.